Story-Review: MAC x Star Trek Lipstick- Kling-It-On

Jim almost got us killed. Again. Yet, he also managed to save the day with one of his almost ridiculous ideas. The result? Girls swooning over him at the Enterprise, Uhura rolling her eyes more than usual, Bones running after Jim and scanning him with weird gadgets and Spock not understanding, once again, the complexities of human emotions and how his captain can be so reckless yet heroic.  As for me, I was able to sneak away for a bit to the observation deck and take a look at my new MAC Cosmetics Lipstick that promises to be out of this world.

Specifically, from the Klingon part of space.

MAC partnered last year with the Star Trek franchise to promote their 50th anniversary and the third installment of the reboot film: ´STAR TREK BEYOND´(that all of you should watch because the whole Enterprise crew just kicks ass).  To do so, they launched a 25-piece-collection inspired by four gorgeous Trekkie girls–Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine and Vina the Orion Girl- and filled with space dust, or maybe, just glitter and a frost finish.


Star Trek fans and makeup lovers might find that this collection has a very distinctive packaging and a black-bullet-tube adorned with our 50th anniversary Delta Shield (a real shout out to the crew), that just makes each piece worthy of collecting.  As good science fiction inspired makeup, MAC created a line that puts emphasis on the sheer, frosty and sparkly finish that may not end up being up to everyone´s taste, but that maintains MAC style together with the uniqueness of the women that are part of the Star Trek world. In your face, Jim!



As for the lipstick itself, I managed to get my hands on a very strange colour thanks to my lovely fiancé who is waiting for me on Earth. The shade is called “Kling-It-On” (a name which curls the corner of my lips into a smile), (and) it is a sheer type of lipstick and a part of the frost finish side of the collection. It has a dark purple colour with a bit of pink glitter that catches the light beautifully, and with slight grey undertones.

The application is smooth and tho it seems sheer at the beginning, it settles down and creates a more pigmented colour that is certainly not your everyday shade! My only complain? It is really sticky and it a pain to take off due to the sparkly residue.

If you like to experiment with makeup (and who doesn´t!?), it works great on top of other MAC matte lipsticks such as “Heroine” and it is a nice shade to use as eye shadow.


Left with Heroine, Right solo.

On in all, I believe it is a great lipstick and a statement piece for every makeup junkie, Star Trek fan, and for those of you who like to rock some weird lip colours. You can find this lipstick only for about £17/US$18, which is average for MAC.

Do I want the rest of the collection? Hell Yeah! But for now, I am being called to the Bridge. Apparently, the Starship Enterprise needs to go, again, where no man (or woman) has gone before.

Vulcan kisses,



4 thoughts on “Story-Review: MAC x Star Trek Lipstick- Kling-It-On

  1. This is a really, really fun review, I love the fanfic opening and how it carries through, the photos are really on point, though all in all its a great piece, I can’t wait to read more of your writing!

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