Fighting Crime with Style~


Hello, everybody! First, I want to apologise for the lack of posts; life has been chaotic lately and my motivation for writing plummeted quite quickly. Does it happen to you all that you need to be inspired to write and give good content? I am self-critical and it´s a pain!

But here I am with a TV series recommendation. I don’t know about you but, for me, watching a series or a good movie is my go to method for those days when I feel bad, or when I just want to relax.

And what is better than detectives, clothes to die for and a sassy, intelligent lead woman? If I caught your attention, then keep reading!

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The series that I want to talk to you about is not other than “Miss Fisher´s Murder Mysteries”. This Australian production is based on a thrilling series of 20 books by the author Kerry Greenwood.

During 3 seasons (with a grand total of 34 episodes), we follow the adventures of the intriguing Phryne Fisher – interpreted by the stunning Essie Davis- who is a glamorous and fashionable detective that lives in Melbourne in the 1920’s. From the beginning, we can tell that Miss Fisher is no ordinary woman and we are charmed by her wits to solve mysteries before the police -sort of like a female Sherlock Holmes- while we see bits and pieces of her personal life that do not lack entertainment. It is fair to say that, apart from having a solid plot and intricate cases each episode, this series has a range of characters (especially the female ones) that will make you fall in love thanks to their complexity and strength. In fact, Phryne has become my absolute role model. I love her!


So far, I have got hooked by its witty humour and storyline but I must admit that what attracted me in the first place was the fashion.



Omg! Marion Boyce, the woman behind the costume design worn by Miss Fisher and the rest of the cast, is a true genius and has a taste so exquisite that you will be mesmerized by her creations over and over again. If you are a fashion designer or just someone who loves clothes, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an absolute must in your watch list.

phryne fashionstunning

You can enjoy the three seasons through Netflix and, if you end up becoming a fan like me, there is (apparently) an upcoming movie in the making.

Let me know if you watch it and what are your opinions on it!

Vulcan kisses,



4 thoughts on “Fighting Crime with Style~

  1. Another fantastic bit of writing, I wouldn’t have guessed you’d had a block at all from this, it’s so upbeat and fun, I really, really enjoyed reading it! Keep it up!

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  2. Muy buena la elección de la serie,por lo bien producida y actuada, pero además porque es el estereotipo de la mujer que empezaba a ser independiente allá por los años 20. Linda serie y para los que gustan de la lectura están los libros


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