Lazy Oaf : Hello Kitty Collection

Sometimes amazing things can happen when two amazing icons come together. This is what happened when the most beloved cat of all times, Hello Kitty, and the eccentric brand Lazy Oaf came up with their new collection. 

As a fan of both, I could do nothing else but to share this with all of you. So if you wanna see some extremely trendy and cute clothes, follow the white kitty. 😉


For those of you out there who don´t know Lazy Oaf, let me tell you a bit about this cool brand first: Lazy Oaf is the creation of the extraordinary Gemma Shield, illustrator and designer, who turned her hand-printed t-shirts (done at her dad´s garage) into one one the most stylish and trendy independent brands in the UK. Her pieces are known for being infused with bright and contrasting colours, unusual shapes and a lot of fun that sets them apart. I mean, their hashtag is even #Keeping it weird since 2001. Besides, Gemma has collaborated with small and big names ranging from YouTubers to DC and even Warner Brothers. 

And now, it was the turn of the Japanese icon: Hello Kitty. 

Their collaboration collection has a slightly retro vibe that the fans of this kitty will appreciate and it will certainly bring back some memories. However, we can also see some clear trends of this season such as ruffles, oversized tops, jumper dresses, open backs and, of course, gingham. 

Some of my personal favourites of this collection are the dungarees (because yes, I am obsessed with dungarees at the moment, thanks to Zoella), the white denim skirt that is designed to attract more than one look, and that oversized pink jacket that is to die for. Maybe, I would even try on the gingham trousers because they are just so darn cute.! Look at all the bows! Pure love. ❤

I must admit that Lazy Oaf is not the cheapest brand out there, but they are constantly doing sales and sometimes you can even get their pieces in retailers such as ASOS. So keep an eye on their website as their pieces are worth having in your wardrobe. Plus, they ship worldwide! 


I hope you liked this collection as much as I did! Are you a fan of Lazy Oaf and Hello Kitty? Let me know!

Vulcan kisses, 



6 thoughts on “Lazy Oaf : Hello Kitty Collection

  1. This is so, so, so adorable. Your writing is very upbeat, cute and fun for this, it suits it perfectly. I really enjoyed reading it, and the clothing line? It’s fantastic! It reminds me very much of you, it’s almost as adorable, cute and perfect… but not quite, you still top my list. But it was a joy to read, thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Look at those boowwws! no conocía a la marca asique es una gran sorpresa! quiero muchas piezas de tus fotos, jajaja. Me gusta mucho como es tierno pero tampoco cae en lo infantil, muuy genial ♥


  3. Me gusta Hello Kitty y estos diseños encajan perfectamente con gente joven poro no infantil. Ropa cómoda y ajustable a varias tallas. Ojalá llegue acá


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