Trunk of Happiness: “Labyrinth”

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great.

You have no power over me!

Sometimes we hear or read something that sticks with us forever, and I would be lying if I said that Sarah´s words haven´t been engraved into my heart since the day I saw “Labyrinth”

In fact, if there is anything I could love even more than Harry Potter it’s this book/film. My whole life I´ve wished to be sent t the Labyrinth, meet Hoggle, Ludo and the rest, and to see Jareth.

I´ve grown up wanting to be Sarah.

And through this film, I´ve learned that nothing is how it seems to be.

So now we have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before we turn into goblins…

Shall we begin?


Jim Henson´s world has been my favourite place in this entire universe. I still have memories of the first time I saw the film; the moment that Sarah appears at the park, with a gorgeous dress, I knew I´d never be the same. She is my ultimate heroine because she is only human and I was able to relate to her a lot: her love and desire to live in a fantasy, the need to collect and keep magical things in her room, the passion for reading and for storytelling, her loyalty and also, her thinking that things are not fair, which later on realises why. She is far from perfect and we see it clearly with how she behaves with her family and baby brother, her interactions with Jareth, etc. Yet, that makes her even better as she goes through it all and learns from it, without changing who she is completely. 


And I relate to that. I´ve done a lot of those things too and I still believe in and need, just like her, this fantasy around me, always. Even if I grow up.


Besides, I´ve always wanted to have friends like her; friends who may not be what people would call “perfect” but they stick by you no matter what. Until today, Hoggle´s words: “Should you need us…” have been resonating into my soul and I often find myself whispering that I do need them, so terribly much. Especially in days like this where things seem so hard and confusing. 


Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and Merlin

I live in a constant fantasy in my head, in my own Labyrinth, where things are way different from out here. Like in the film, I have wonderful masquerades, weird places and a Castle beyond huge walls and a rose garden (but, sadly, no goblins!). 

Another thing that I adore about this film is that I will forever be in love with our beloved David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. I will always remember the tone of his voice and I still dream of quoting Magic Dance with someone. Those are relationship goals taken from Labyrinth! Jareth has made me fall in love, be angry and smile a lot throughout the years and it wasn´t until recently that I started wondering if, now, I could say no to him like Sarah did. That said, I am an emotional mess and Labyrinth brings out a lot of them to the surface! 


I am striving to be more like Sarah without losing myself. However, I am yet to feel strong like her and be the protagonist of my own story. Hopefully, I will get there. I am still fighting my way through the Castle, beyond the Goblin City, but I will reach the Castle. One day, soon. 

For now, I will get lost once again in this film, in the songs that I carry with me, in the magical world where beasts are nice and faeries don´t grant wishes, and where nothing is what it seems but everything is as it should be: a dream. 

I am sorry if this post is a bit of a rambling mess. Mental Health and life are taking a huge toll on me but I want to continue writing for you guys out there, and for me. I hope that you could see between all the ramble how much this book/film means to me. And if I ever disappear and there´s nowhere to find me, try the Labyrinth. Maybe, if you are lucky, you´ll discover my heart there as well. 


Vulcan kisses, 





One thought on “Trunk of Happiness: “Labyrinth”

  1. Me encanta el post tanto como me gustó la película cuando la vimos hace mucho, mucho tiempo. Siempre te gusto mucho la película y siempre pediste el libro hasta que conseguimos uno y pudiste leerlo en inglés. Adelante Vero


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