Irregular Choice: my solemates~


Just take Cinderella for example, or Carrie from Sex and the City.

Since I was a child, I´ve always been obsessed with shoes. Flats, high heels, oxfords, sandals, pumps…in every shape or form, I feel a deep love for them and a fascination that goes beyond me. Internally, I blame my grandmother who, despite, me never having the chance of meeting her, also adored shoes and had quite a collection, that (sadly) my mom got rid off. Besides, I seem to find comfort in shoes; for someone like me who is not thin, finding clothes that fit and that I like has been torture. But shoes…they always fit, even if I am a size 38-39 (UK 5-6). 

For me, there is nothing better than putting on some high heels. Once I am on them, voilá! I feel ten times better about myself, more confident, powerful, pretty. And let me tell you, as someone who has such low self-esteem, having a pair of shoes that makes you feel that way is amazing.

However, there is one brand that helps me even more. A brand that makes me feel like I am not invisible to everyone and that is Irregular Choice, the wonderland of shoes.

For those out there who do not know this shoe paradise, Irregular Choice is the creation of Dan Sullivan, a mastermind born in London, that decided that the shoe industry was becoming dull and plain, and in need of a new concept that would break the mold. With parents who were already involved in the creation of unusual shoes, Dan had the opportunity to travel the world, absorb different cultures and improve his ideas and marketing. That is how, in 1999, the Irregular Choice brand was finally born.  

Whimsical and fun, this brand does not follow trends but creates them. With more than 15 years in the market, Dan Sullivan designs around 600 pieces a year, reaching an astounding catalog of over 10,000 shoes. If that is not every girl´s dream, I don´t know what it is! Besides, Irregular Choice has grown so much that nowadays has stores all around the UK, Spain, China, and France, apart from stockists all over the world. 

These shoes are not for ordinary people or the faint of heart! With collaborations such as Disney where we can see shoes inspired by Mickey and Minnie, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Star Wars, etc; and appearances in diverse fashion magazines and movies like “Me before you”, this unique brand has fashionista status written all over. However, one of the reasons why Irregular Choice has become so known is definitely their clever and unique heels. 

From Darth Vader´s face to a ballerina that actually dances inside your heels, here is where the brand talks business. I must confess that what attracted me to Irregular Choice where 100% the heels, especially the deer ones with cherry print all around, despite my sister constantly saying that the designs are waaaay too over the top. But hey, I love them. Besides, this brand also caters for a more toned down look with collections such as “Iconic” or “Poetic License”; these have a more vintage and romantic feel to them yet maintaining this idea of standing out. In the more recent years, they have also expanded to lines both for men and also for kids to ensure that no matter your age or gender, you can still rock a killer pair of shoes and reach your dreams. 

I have my eyes set on one particular pair that I would love to wear (maybe!) for my wedding: and it is the Abigails Party shoe. I know, a bit too high and maybe a closed shoe wouldn´t be a good idea, but at least it is certainly on my list! Apart from those, I am currently in love with the Rosie boots, the Corporate beauty, and the Rows Garden. 

Lucky me that for one of my birthdays, my fiancée gave me my first (and for now, sadly, the only) pair of Irregular Choice shoes. She got me the Nick of Time design and I am absolutely over the moon with them. My only con? Beware of the sizing. I am usually a size 38 (UK 5) but with their shoes, I should get either a 38.5 (UK 5.5) or a 39 (UK 6) in order for them to feel comfortable.  I would also recommend trying their concept heels before buying them, if you can, as they may not be easy to walk with for everyone, and to buy their sole protector if you wanna keep them pristine and cute looking as the first day you bought them. 


If I caught you attention and you are dying to get a look and maybe a pair for yourself, you can check their website and, besides, they ship internationally! As for the prices…well, I am not gonna lie, they are not cheap at all. That said, here in Argentina we pay for shoes a terrible amount of money, so I do believe they are worth the splurge. And for those who love this brand but cannot afford a pair right now (just like me T_T ), they have beautiful accessories and purses that are cheaper and yet adorable. 

I hope I could give you a peak inside the rabbit hole and that you could fall in love with this wonderful place, just like I did. And remember: Shoes may just be shoes, but the person who takes a step forwards with them can change the whole world. 

Vulcan kisses, 




One thought on “Irregular Choice: my solemates~

  1. Realmente son preciosos. Por supuesto para personas que tienen un montón de zapatos porque para gente como yo que tiene 2 pares para verano y dos para invierno uno con conejitos no sería apropiado. Sin embargo cada vez que veo uno pienso en ti porque son muy vos. Te quiero mucho


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