Have Courage and Be Kind~

Hello, everyone! How have you been? I deeply apologize for the lack of posts but I am sick (the Winter came and brought me a strong cold), I´ve been jumping from doctor to doctor and my mental health has not been in its brightest time. Therefore, I have been taking time out from social media and I´ve been focusing on me, my plans and my loved ones. However, I have tons of ideas and upcoming good things to show you here! 

That said, today I bring you a post that I decided to do as an exercise for myself and to cheer up a bit; I have seen similar posts online and I thought that it would be a good idea to try and do it. 

Loving ourselves is one of the hardest yet most important things we must do, and those around me tell me I need to do it more in order to get better. So, here is my take on The Self Love Tag!



1.- Answer all the questions honestly.

2.-Tag 5 people who you want to bring a bit of happiness to.


1.- What is something that is getting you down at the moment? 

I am tempted to say “everything” but I am sure that it is only my depression talking. To be honest, at the moment I am going through a rough time, and the fact that I feel alone, my fiancée is far away, I am having issues even doing things I love and that I am struggling with my appearance it´s not making it any easier. (But I will get through this stronger than before. Promise!). 

2.- What is something that makes you happy? 

Right now, the thing that is making me happy and keeps me afloat is my family and my love. They are trying their hardest to help me get better, improve my mental health and reach my dreams. But I will mention some things that put a smile on my face almost without fail: cats, good movies, Zoella´s and Alfie’s videos, shoes, weird words or language curiosities, my Spock bear, and hugs!


I am not taking a photo of my beloved plushie coz the poor thing is not in its best conditions as he has been very well loved. ❤

3.- Name 3 guilty pleasures! 

** Buying lots of shoes.

** Cheesy teenager romantic comedies. 

** Eating a bag of peanut M&M´s by myself!

4.- What is something about yourself you want to improve on? 

Well, there are a lot of things! But I guess a huge part of it would be better if I improved my self-esteem and my mental health. So those 🙂

5.- When was the last time you belly laughed? 

I think it was the other day while I was watching some silly videos with my fiancée through Skype.   “Courgette?”  Sorry, private joke XD

6.- What is your biggest insecurity/fear? 

This is a tough one as I´m currently going through a lot of panic and anxiety so everything makes me scared. However, some of my biggest fears are being a failure, losing my loved ones and dying alone. Just mentioning them makes me anxious and upset…

7.- Name a song that always cheers you up when you’re down. 

I think that right now the song that makes me smile a lot when I listen to it is “Can´t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, as I find it catchy and it reminds me of the day I watched the film Trolls with my family and Indi. 


8.- Name 3 things you like about yourself! 

Omg! I know that for some people, the fact that I find it so hard just to name 3 things that I like about myself must be funny or even weird. To be honest, I had to force myself to think and write something…but yeah…

** maybe my eyes a tiny bit.

** my imagination.

** my embroidery skills.

9.- What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year? 

Letting go of material things that were bringing me down and starting new courses even though I was so scared and tired, and I thought I wasn´t going to last even two classes. 

10.- Tell us your happiest memory. 

Well, I am going to cheat and I will say two: one is my trip to Disney World with my family because we had an amazing time, I could spend time with my family and see them happy, and the other one was spending 6 months in the UK with my love and her cute marriage proposal (that I will talk about soon in here!).

So that´s it! That was my Self Love Tag for all of you. I hope you all enjoy it and I am tagging whoever wants to do this. Let´s spread more self-love~

Have a great August everybody!

Vulcan kisses,



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