Dolce & Gabbana FW Collection 

Hello, everybody! Seasons are changing, the new collections are taking over the fashion world and fashionistas around the globe are going wild with excitement. For those who don´t know, I love everything related to royalty and knights; from history to armoury and weapons and, of course, ways of dressing, the whole aesthetic brings my hidden inner princess and knight back to life.

So it is no wonder that I fell head over heels in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection that promises to bring the regal look to the 21st century. “Heraldic Sicilia” is a FW collection filled with heavy patterns and appliques reminiscing the Italian aristocracy; the exquisite fabrics and the quality of the clothes make the garments seem to be taken out of a girl’s idea of a fairy-tale prince  or knight in shining armour. 

What also caught my attention and, embarrassing as it may sound, made me squeal like a little girl was that they took this collection to their kids wear. If I had my own children (and I was able to afford it), rest assure they would be running around my house in these cute outfits. I mean, seriously, just look at them! 

The only downside of Heraldic Sicilia? It seems to be focused mainly on males. I’d love to see more of this style reflected in women clothes; after all, we are queens and warriors at the same time.  

For now, D&G continues to be a luxury brand that is out of my mortal reach but a girl can dream, right? 

What do you think of this collection? Would you wear it? 

Vulcan kisses, 



2 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana FW Collection 

  1. Another absolutely fantastic post, I love your finds big and small and your writing, it always brings a smile to my face! To be honest there are some things that I really, really love from this collection, that if it weren’t for the eye-wateringly staggering price, I would definitely wear… That said…. There are some things that are incredibly over the top, unsurprising for Dolce… you’ve taught me well, tbh it’s more a surprise that I like as much as I do than the other – I’m just not that fashion forward yet! All in all though, I loved the post and the collection and think it’s really amazing. I love you 💙💙💙


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