Bring it on, 2018!!!

And just like that, 2017 is (almost) gone. Incredible, isn’t it? Soon, we were in December and it seemed like Christmas passed in a blink of an eye, as temperatures here grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly, everybody started talking about their best moments of the year, showing their best nine on Instagram and writing their New Year’s resolutions. Slowly, I found myself thinking of every single detail of 2017 and trying to make a balance about it all.


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Top 9: International Youtubers

Nowadays, it comes as no surprise that one of the most visited websites is YouTube. Everyone seems to be obsessed with it and it is rapidly becoming a growing industry. As for myself, I can spend hours browsing the site and jumping from video to video, being mesmerized by all the different YouTubers out there and what they have to offer.

Nine is my favourite number and as this is also about my favourites, I thought it would be nice to share 9 of the youtubers I can’t stop watching at the moment, and maybe some of you will get hitched by them like I did. So sit down, get comfy and prepare to hit that subscribe button!


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Our way to ‘Happily Ever After’: Part 1

Hi, lovelies! As promised, I bring you the first post of a series where I’m going to be sharing some things about my wedding. From inspiration to location as well as specific details, I wanna let you know step by step how this wedding will be taking form. It is something that fills me with immense joy and love, so I hope you’ll join us in this adventure that will culminate in one of the most special days of my life. 💟💟💟

So keep reading and come with me through this magical rose-petal path…


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YSL Beauty: Elegance with a spark

Nowadays, makeup has become a staple item in almost every girl’s  (and guy’s) life, and the market is being flooded with more and more brands that come up with stunning options. However, as much as I love affordable makeup, sometimes I find myself pining over some luxury brands, and one of them is YSL. So it is not a surprise that, when I had the chance, I jumped at the opportunity of getting my hands on some of their gorgeous products…


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Life Update: Focusing on offscreen projects 💗

Hi everybody! Long time, no see! I’m truly sorry about that, I really am. The truth is that real life caught up with me and, as much as I like social media sometimes, my loved ones come first and life is better outside the screen.

So if you wanna know what this silly girl has been up to,  grab a cup of coffee and keep reading!

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Dolce & Gabbana FW Collection 

Hello, everybody! Seasons are changing, the new collections are taking over the fashion world and fashionistas around the globe are going wild with excitement. For those who don´t know, I love everything related to royalty and knights; from history to armoury and weapons and, of course, ways of dressing, the whole aesthetic brings my hidden inner princess and knight back to life.

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Have Courage and Be Kind~

Hello, everyone! How have you been? I deeply apologize for the lack of posts but I am sick (the Winter came and brought me a strong cold), I´ve been jumping from doctor to doctor and my mental health has not been in its brightest time. Therefore, I have been taking time out from social media and I´ve been focusing on me, my plans and my loved ones. However, I have tons of ideas and upcoming good things to show you here! 

That said, today I bring you a post that I decided to do as an exercise for myself and to cheer up a bit; I have seen similar posts online and I thought that it would be a good idea to try and do it. 

Loving ourselves is one of the hardest yet most important things we must do, and those around me tell me I need to do it more in order to get better. So, here is my take on The Self Love Tag!


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