Mental Health Awareness Month: We are all mad here?!

img_3230.jpgI must say that I am a bit afraid of writing this post. Will I face people´s anger or disdain? Will people leave me, like so many others have, when they know about my mental health? Will you think I am “just crazy”? Maybe. However, some of the best people in the world have had mental health issues and that did not stop them. And it will not stop me.

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Travel Tips: What do you need to take and bear in mind when you go abroad? (UK Edition)


Sometimes the planets align and everything seems to conspire to make things happen. A year ago, during this same month, I embarked myself on a trip that was going to be both an adventure and a life-changing experience. I was able to go to the UK for 6 months to spend time with who is now my lovely fiancé.

England. A place I have dreamt about since I was a kid. A country I had the chance to visit for only 4 days before and I had fallen in love with so hard. I was, as you can imagine, ecstatic.

Though I must confess that getting ready for a trip like this- so long and to a country that is really strict when it comes to visitors) was not easy. Therefore, I put together a set of tips, notes and, bits and pieces to help you in case you are going to this exciting country. So here we go!

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Trunk of happiness: Eleanor & Park


Have you ever seen those old movies where young ladies used to have a trunk full of things they treasured and loved? Well, my series of posts titled “Trunk of happiness” are going to be about things that became really meaningful to me; whether it is a book, a series, a place or a movie…you will find me rambling about it for a bit.

This time, I would like to take out from that dusty green trunk a book called “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell.

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Story-Review: MAC x Star Trek Lipstick- Kling-It-On

Jim almost got us killed. Again. Yet, he also managed to save the day with one of his almost ridiculous ideas. The result? Girls swooning over him at the Enterprise, Uhura rolling her eyes more than usual, Bones running after Jim and scanning him with weird gadgets and Spock not understanding, once again, the complexities of human emotions and how his captain can be so reckless yet heroic.  As for me, I was able to sneak away for a bit to the observation deck and take a look at my new MAC Cosmetics Lipstick that promises to be out of this world.

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Stop, Rewind and Play~

Live boldly

A lot of people talk about how hard is to go through life when things are ending, such as a relationship. But sometimes I find it even harder to start over.

Especially if you almost have to rebuild your entire life from scratch because you lost friends, a job, your future plans and worst of all: yourself. So that is where I find myself now. Trying to relearn who I am, what I like and what my dreams and goals really are, and how to actually get there.

So this blog will be a mixture of things for a while. The journey of a girl who remembers who she used to be, a girl who knows how scared she can be, and also of a girl who wants more in life than just dealing with it.

rethink blue light

Hopefully,  some of you will join this adventure. I can´t promise you much, but I assure you that some amazing heels and kickass makeup will be involved.

And maybe, just maybe, some geekiness too.

Vulcan kisses,