9 ways to cheer up when depression hits!

If you have been reading me since the beginning or know me in real life, then you must already be aware that I suffer from panic attacks and depression. Lately I’ve been feeling quite down and re-thinking things as I am getting tired of some people and how they treat me; therefore, I’ve retreated to my own space and I´m trying to feel better.  However, I know that sometimes it seems impossible to to put a smile on my face when I am like this, so here are 9 of my go to things to do when I need to cheer up and inject some joy in my life…even if for only  couple of hours!


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Locking a closed door

Does it happen to you that there are some doors to the past that you keep coming back to, sometimes because you remember a small thing, even though it is not good for you? I have a huge door to something specific from my past, that I have closed some years ago, but that keeps haunting me and triggering my anxiety and depression. However, due to recent events, lots of debating and struggles, I am done.

The key to all those things is ready to be turned.


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Mental Health Awareness Month: We are all mad here?!

img_3230.jpgI must say that I am a bit afraid of writing this post. Will I face people´s anger or disdain? Will people leave me, like so many others have, when they know about my mental health? Will you think I am “just crazy”? Maybe. However, some of the best people in the world have had mental health issues and that did not stop them. And it will not stop me.

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