9 ways to cheer up when depression hits!

If you have been reading me since the beginning or know me in real life, then you must already be aware that I suffer from panic attacks and depression. Lately I’ve been feeling quite down and re-thinking things as I am getting tired of some people and how they treat me; therefore, I’ve retreated to my own space and I´m trying to feel better.  However, I know that sometimes it seems impossible to to put a smile on my face when I am like this, so here are 9 of my go to things to do when I need to cheer up and inject some joy in my life…even if for only  couple of hours!


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Locking a closed door

Does it happen to you that there are some doors to the past that you keep coming back to, sometimes because you remember a small thing, even though it is not good for you? I have a huge door to something specific from my past, that I have closed some years ago, but that keeps haunting me and triggering my anxiety and depression. However, due to recent events, lots of debating and struggles, I am done.

The key to all those things is ready to be turned.


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Fashion Icons: Dita Von Teese

It is not unusual to hear people say that fashion is a way to express ourselves and I fully agree. Through all my life, I´ve jumped from style to style trying to find the one that identifies me the most. But the truth is that it is kinda impossible. I´ve learned that I have so many sides of me and, as I grew up, I don´t feel like settling into one in particular.

However, I do have some fashion styles I am in love with and go back to over and over again. And just like styles, I have different fashion icons I am obsessed with. That´s why I thought would share some of them with all of you (and with all of you I mean the 3 lovely people who read me XD) in a new series on the blog. These people are some of the ones I take fashion inspiration from and I hope they can inspire you to try something new!


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30 things I want to do before I am 30

Lately, I’ve been feeling down about a variety of things. The stress of certain aspects of my life have brought up my depression and my head is being flooded with bad thoughts. Some of them are related to me not doing things I actually want or not being able to accomplish dreams. So I thought that maybe writing a list of the ones I’d like to fulfil really soon, as I am already 29 (I know…the horror!! 😛) because it might give me something to work for.

Hopefully, before the 4th of January 2019, I’d have been able to cross most of these out of my list!


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Bring it on, 2018!!!

And just like that, 2017 is (almost) gone. Incredible, isn’t it? Soon, we were in December and it seemed like Christmas passed in a blink of an eye, as temperatures here grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly, everybody started talking about their best moments of the year, showing their best nine on Instagram and writing their New Year’s resolutions. Slowly, I found myself thinking of every single detail of 2017 and trying to make a balance about it all.


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Our way to ‘Happily Ever After’: Part 1

Hi, lovelies! As promised, I bring you the first post of a series where I’m going to be sharing some things about my wedding. From inspiration to location as well as specific details, I wanna let you know step by step how this wedding will be taking form. It is something that fills me with immense joy and love, so I hope you’ll join us in this adventure that will culminate in one of the most special days of my life. 💟💟💟

So keep reading and come with me through this magical rose-petal path…


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Life Update: Focusing on offscreen projects 💗

Hi everybody! Long time, no see! I’m truly sorry about that, I really am. The truth is that real life caught up with me and, as much as I like social media sometimes, my loved ones come first and life is better outside the screen.

So if you wanna know what this silly girl has been up to,  grab a cup of coffee and keep reading!

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